Information tecnologies

ODEI S.A. is a well-consolidated company in the ICT sector located in the Basque Country since 1987. It has offices in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao and 70 people work in it.

ODEI S.A. is a company dedicated to provide consultancy services and execute projects in information systems and information technologies.

ODEI's main activity focus upon two main areas:

  • Information Systems Engineering.
  • Information and Documentation Systems Engineering.

ODEI is a leading company in the field of Information Systems and Information Technology due to its customer-focused service, innovation solutions and continuous improvement as a business philosophy. ODEI has large experience in document management systems and digital archiving, web solutions and e-government.

ODEI proposes innovative solutions to its customers through high qualification, expertise in specialized technologies and methodologies and experience in projects offering commitment and involvement with the client.

Product and services:

We provide Information Systems and Information Technologies solutions, through third party product integration and software development.

eGovernment solutions in back-office and front office

  • Urban Solutions
    • Mobility and Logistic
    • Environmental protection: utilities and waste Management
    • Town Planning: Business and activity licensing, waste management
  • Social Welfare
    • Grants and Subsidies
    • Social services
    • Healthcare: eHealth, Mobile Health, Prevention, AAL (ambient assisted living)
  • Archive Management and Museum Services
    • Document management and Archiving
    • Process Registries and Libraries: Amicus, Absys Innopac
    • Museums services
  • Interoperability
    • Advanced platform for exchange of business documents
  • Procedures process with the e-government
    • Digital Processing of Technical Documentation (VISNET )

Website solutions

  • Web design and development
  • Web content management - CMS: Joomla, Interwoven, FatWire, WordPress, SharePoint, Moodle
  • eCommerce website development: Magento
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Community manager services

Document Management and Digital Archiving

  • Information Systems Archive Management (ARGES )
  • Digital Management Services (DMS)
  • Enterprise content management (ECM) Alfresco / OpenText / Hummingbird / Fulcrum, Documentum, MS SharePoint, BRS, Basis, Oracle UCM, Autonomy, FileNet
  • Museum information system (SIM)
  • Dossier and Data Base Manager - Press Releases
  • Digital Signature

Document Management and Digital Archiving

  • Business Intelligence - BI (OBIEE, Bitam, SQLServer)
  • Customer relationship management - CRM: SugarCRM
  • Statistical Data Web Bank: PxWeb, PCAxis
  • Innovation Management (Gestino )
  • Project Management System (PROGES ) - MSProject
  • Exploitation of the knowledge in business processes(EXCOGE )
  • Intranet / extranet collaborative portal & knowledge intranet

ERP Implementation and support

  • ERP's Integration and Implementation (Openbravo Partner, Local ERP)
  • ERP system selection
  • Industry-specific ERP Systems development: Pharmaceutical, Trading GAS, Medical insurers, professional associations

ICT Consulting and Training

  • Planning systems, tools selection process, solutions design, methodologies implementation, quality and improvement systems in ICT projects and software processes (ISO, ITIL, CMMI, PMI)

In addition, for all the work areas mentioned, ODEI offers the following additional services:

  • Services provision by specialized human resources in different areas: support in systems/communications/security and application development
  • Specialist training services provision: ICT project development and management methodologies
  • Cloud computing based applications execution services.

Quality assurance and process improvement certificates and goals

ODEI's quality System is certified since 2001 by the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

ODEI's software development processes have been certified with:

  • Maturity level 2 in the CMMI Software Process Improvement Model, since 2007
  • Capability Level 3 (in 14 process areas) and Maturity level 2 in the CMMI Software Process Improvement Model CMMI-DEV v1.3 since 2011

European EFQM Model:

  • ODEI was awarded by Basque Government with the Silver Q for Quality Management for 2009 (Mark: between 450-499 points)

Search and Offer

We search collaboration and partnership with German companies to complete projects in Germany, Spain and other EU countries.

We search and offer for all the work areas mentioned above:

  • Collaboration in project development
  • Partnership in R&D projects
  • Know-how or technology transfer
  • Subcontracting agreement
  • Representation agreement (partnership)


  • High client satisfaction
  • High qualification, expertise in specialized technologies and methodologies
  • Experience in leading innovative projects
  • Processes certified in international standards of quality (ISO, CMMI)
  • Accustomed to manage multiple technologies and product integration
  • Used to collaborative work with other companies
  • Competitive price rates